Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What's in a name?

Finally! Somthing other than "Mother of God"

Bitter : Hebrew
You are charming, talented and have a very positive attitude to life so it is hardly surprising that you attract success and recognition. Focussed and patient you understand that material rewards are a result of discipline. Being so creative and with a need for self-expression you may be drawn towards the arts, travel is also likely to be important. A loyal friend, you are a person who must be allowed freedom and independence.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

...and stuff

Well, this is just a whole new low for me.

Over a month.

Over a month has passed and I have not even logged into Blogger ONCE to start a blog. There's a good chance that the thought hadn't even crossed my mind to log on either. Sure, that's a pretty good bet.

Hello? You should probably pick yourselves off the floor by now. I mean, those of you (who are few in quantity by now I'm sure) who actually waste the 5 seconds it takes to cruise by my blog to see if I've even blogged anything of late. Which, the odds usually aren't favoring.

But look at me! Here I am! I found some time and now I'm blogging. And I will be making no promises. Because apparently that only jinxes me and then I don't write for chunks of time.

In fact, I BAWK at blogging.


I shall never make an attempt to blog again.

(we'll see if this will arouse some rebellion in me)

Good lord what a ka-raaaaazy month this has been. I suppose this is typical for the holidays. But peeps? Seriously. This is by far the most insane holiday season for me yet and most of the things that have kept me busy are SO NOT the most holiday-ee-esque.

Stomach virus? Sure, definite correlation between illnesses and the holidays. However, I assure you I wasn't exactly humming Christmas carols to myself while voiding the contents of my stomach at 3 in the morning.

Then our trip out to Denver was fun, but short lived, and mostly split between recuperation from the previous week spent vomiting and cheering husband on as he begrudgingly studied for HOURS. Who's idea was it to schedule midterms right after Turkey day?

And ok, ok - Thanksgiving is officially clumped in as "The Holidays". So there was ONE thing lately that I par-took in that was holiday related.

But if you ask Halmark "the Holidays" begins way back with Memorial Day. Seriously. Halloween decorations at the 4th of July?

A Fast trip to Miami was loads of fun. Yes. Trip #2. That makes two airplane related travel thingies within 2 weeks. And I'm sure you'll all agree that traveling, especially at great distances, saps an additional 2 days from your schedule to allow for laundry, packing, un-packing, re-packing, and shopping in preparation for packing. And that's just before your trip.

Oh, and hey! I may even blog about our trip! Wouldn't that be neato.

And oh god, then there's work. Work, which by the very name implies, is worky-like.


I've come to love my job. I love how it's morphed into something that keeps me thinking. On the stairclimber, in the shower, in the car. I'm constantly thinking about things I want to do, projects I want to start, presentations, trainings, meetings, ack ack ack.

But my job? Even busier lately.

There was, like, a week there where I seriously thought I was going to forget to put shoes on before leaving in the morning. The BestFriend will attest to the very sad state I was in from all the stress and Kuh-rah-zy-ness that was going on. That's right. Kuh-rah-zy-ness.

And oh yea - Husband had his finals. My follow up question to the midterms post-turkey day question would be: and then why do you go and schedule finals just 3 weeks after midterms?

But no shoes were forgotten! We made it through. And now I find myself, one week from Christmas, and a crap load of shopping to accomplish.

But that is ok. Normally I would be groaning all the way to the mall two days before the big day.

You see, I used to be this person who was constantly trying to rekindle that christmassy feeling she got every year when she was a kid. Somewhere between 17 and 19 that feeling just dissipated. Phase? Byproduct of life in general? Who knows. It was just gone.

Don't get me wrong. I still totally loved the holidays. I would go to parties, enjoy the lights, douse my car with sap and bring a tree home. But that added feeling was always gone. That warm fuzzy one. The one that makes you want to just sit by your tree, with all the lights out, and sip a cider.

That's it.

Just sit there and smile to yourself. Feeling all the goodness and happiness that just being in the middle of the Christmas season gives you.

A feeling that had just disappeared.

And this year it returned on Saturday.

Nearly 10 years has passed. And I couldn't tell you why. But the leading contender of suspicions is that I just stopped fighting for it. I just stopped looking for it and wishing it was there when it wasn't.

That and I baked recently. That always makes a difference.

The whole weekend the Husband and I shopped, and relaxed, wrapped presents, and were just generally content. And it rained and stormed outside, and we had our fire and our tree and I relished every moment of it.

The Christmas fuzziness is back and I couldn't be happier to have it.

So I sit here, tip-tapping away at my keyboard with my Christmas music playing.

Can't wait for the weekend.

Can't wait for our New Year's stint out to Washington DC.

Yes, trip #3 in a 45 day period.