Monday, January 22, 2007

The MAHB is over!

Ok, so let's just pretend that there hasn't been a huge lapse of time where I have been nothing but silent.
We all know that I have neglected my blog...and I could go on for the next 5 minutes coming up with excuses, ingratiating myself to my fans (i.e. one fan - hi Mom! Did you get my email yesterday by the way?).
But if I had the time to do that, I would have been blogging this whole time - instead of pretending that I was going to get around to it any day now.
Any. Day. Now.
Yep yep...just need to find a little time.
We could refer to that space in time as the time that Mary Avoided Her Blog. Or the MAHB.
Pronounce: Maw-b.
Like "the mob that has been stalking Mary, trying to get her to blog more".
Moving right along.
So I get round to logging into Blogger to get a little blog going, only to find that there is some new and fancily improved upon version of Blogger. Thank you Google.
Google is slowly taking over the world.
Naturally, being the early adopter that I try to be, I initiated the conversion of my account from the old, archaic caveman's version of blogger, to the new! and improved! and super-duper crazy fun and exciting Blogger!
Only to find things are pretty much the same.
And I get this email...congratulating me on my switch over, and OH BOY now I can start using the new Blogger right away!
Google, if you're going to take over the world, you're going to have to be a little more exciting than just changing the font on some of the buttons.
But who am I to judge. You were probably hoping I wouldn't notice because I haven't blogged since, like, June, or something.
Oh you misjudged dear Google. I may not remember to bring my laptop into the office, and quite frequently I've tried to go to work in my slippers (not intentionally I should point out), but I DO remember totally insignificant things like what Blogger used to look like.
Perhaps I am too quick to make assumptions here.
I will attempt to blog again. Soon. With more rapid a succession than once every 6 months.
And perhaps I will be wowed by some "feature" or "tool" that I haven't quite stumbled across just yet.
We shall see.
Oh yes.
We SHALL see.
(not sure which I'm doubting more at this point: the idea that I may find a cool new feature hidden within Blogger...or whether or not I will actually blog anytime soon)