Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time for the finger

Time is a fickle friend of mine lately.
It seems that ever since we bought our house, I have no time to get to all the things that need getting to. But when I'm at the office, time sloooooooooooooooowwwwwssssssss down.
No offense to my job - but it's just not where I want to be right now.
How frustrating is that?
But that's not really my point of blogging this afternoon.
My point of blogging at this very moment is because a random stranger pissed me off at lunch.

So, let me drag my soapbox over here and take a moment to set the record straight.

Attention you stupid bitch with the bad attitude:

Should I choose to park in a spot at Whole Foods, that is my right. If there are no signs posted to the contrary, that means I may park there for as long as I please. If what pleases me is to take whatever time necessary to put my bag in my trunk, get in the car, plug my iPod into my car charger, take off my coat, and THEN back out of my parking spot - that is my right.
Let me review YOUR rights...
You reserve the right to vulture. I do not necessarily condone this behavior, or practice it in general unless absolutely necessary, but I will admit that you have technical right to block half the lane with your fancy car and wait for someone to move so you may park. You reserve the right to wait as long as you feel is necessary. You reserve the right to stay put rather than drive and find a spot, perhaps 10 yards away, because my spot is closer. You have that right yes.
Let me review what is NOT your right...
Upon my vacating what was previously MY spot, YOU do NOT have the right to HONK at me and then as I look in my rearview to see why I'm being honked at, GIVE ME THE FINGER.
This is not your right.
I will not apologise for taking a mere 20 seconds to dock my iPod and take off my coat. I will not apologise for making you wait a couple more seconds for a parking spot that is no more yours than mine. I will not apologise for the precious 20 seconds you feel robbed of - 20 seconds you will be later to your nail appointment, 20 seconds that are just NOT significant in the grand scheme of things.
20 seconds that (coming from someone who would love a little more time in her day as my intro to this blog will support) will not KILL you to loose.
I do admit that the one thing I am sorry for is not stopping my car and asking you what the hell your problem is.
Because clearly you have some judgement skills issues that need refining. Either that or you have Tourette's of the hand.


Blogger Michele said...

What a jerk! Seriously people, if you don't want to wait, don't vulture!!

2/02/2007 9:49 PM


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